The Short History of Whitney Houston

Who doesn’t know Withney Houston? She was an international famous singer from New Jersey, America. She passed away on 11th February 2012. There are some opinions about the cause of her death. There is opinion which said that she was over dosage.

whitney houston
whitney houston

It happens because she was indicated as the user of drugs. However, until now, this estimation has not been proved yet. This opinion was occurred because she was found at her room in Beverly Hilton Hotel. She went to that hotel because she planned to attend Grammy Awards. Until now, the Beverly Hills police still investigate the cause of her death. However, at the earlier result of investigation, police said that there is no indication of violence.

When she was alive, she was a pop singer. She was known as “The Voice”. Whitney was one of the international singers who could reach five octaves. Formerly, Whiney was the first Africa-America singer who could prove her existence and capability in singing by entering MTV in America. It was such amazing because formerly the white singer dominates the existence of music in America.

Now, people over the world can’t see her existence again. She had passed away. However, many people will love her forever. Therefore, many people pray for Whitney.