Transfer Blog to Another Web Server

Some time, we have to decide to move our blog/website. It could be because the previous web hosting has poor support, bad performance or anything else. I write this article because I recently experienced something bad from my previous hosting provider, their support is very bad, even it needed days to reply my ticket support.

Ok, lets us straight to the point. There are some ways we can take to transfer or move our blog or website with database. Here are the ways:

Using Transfer Function of WHM or CPanel
If you have root access of your server then it will be very easy to utilize WHM’s transfer account feature, or may be your new web hosting provider has offer to free transfer account to their web server, lets you ask them (most of today web hosting provider has this offer).

Using FTP and Other
If you have no service above then you can use backup and restore feature in CPanel under File section. Just make backup from the old server and restore it to the new server.

If you even have no CPanel then you can back up your files via FTP and backup your database using mysqldump via SSH.

The Importance of Antivirus

Internet – This was a word equated with the term ‘boon’ in the year 2000 and its early years of inception. But as always, human minds are in a race to prove their dominance and smartness over technology. As evidence to this, they have found their way around the Internet. This workaround unfortunately does not add benefit to the end user, instead makes their data vulnerable. There are different vulnerabilities identified with the Internet. They include hacks, malware like viruses, backdoors, key loggers, etc. These are only the manifestations of the vulnerabilities. There are categories and layers of security issues with the internet. With ESET endpoint protection and ESET endpoint renewal plan that will give you best protection for that all vulnerable.

The destructive ability of computer viruses has multiplied over the years. In the 80’s, the kind of computer viruses were less destructive, but the kind to get multiplied on their own to affect the code. The effects included malfunctioning, minor errors, repetitive errors, etc. However, over the years, the extent of harm and destruction has rapidly increased, making this a cause of worry.

These are the loopholes in technology that have remedies as well. Most of the vulnerabilities can be tackled or trapped into counter measures that make the data secure. Antivirus software is one such product that helps protect computers from virus attacks. There are different types of viruses ranging from basic to advanced levels of complexity. For each type and complexity of virus, there is antivirus software that counter attacks the virus. Hence you can be rest assured that your computer is protected from such attacks. There are different kinds of antivirus available. It takes some time for an individual to understand the function of the antivirus software, depending on the complexity of the purpose.

When there is a reference to computer virus, you have to understand that the reference to the term ‘computer’ is not restricted to Desktops alone. Electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets and even mobile phones are susceptible to attacks. The type of virus may be different and the harm caused may be different, but sufficient precaution has to be taken to ensure your gadgets that have internet access are safeguarded well.

Depending on the type of platform you use, make sure you understand the kind of vulnerabilities that exist and appraise yourself with the remedies available. Whatever is the kind of vulnerability, rest assured that the present day products and solutions can help you fix this and address the vulnerability to the best of their ability. Make sure you look for this information and keep yourself updated.

How to Create PDF File Easily

How to Create PDF File Easily

PDF is one of the most popular file formats. It is because PDF file can be opened in every operating system both desktop and mobile.
Here is a way how to create PDF File easily using doPDF software. DoPDF will perform as virtual printer. To create PDF file, it will easy as you printing document! Just print your file using doPDF virtual printer to make your file in PDF format.

Step 1: Download doPDF software, it’s free.
Step 2: Open your file.
Step 3: Print your file. Don’t forget to select doPDF as your printer. Click Print.
Step 4: Browse the location your PDF file will be saved.
Done! Your file is already converted to PDF file.

Finding Local Printing Companies Easier with

For any business, marketing indeed may become the most significant thing which may affect to the popularity of the products or services offered by such business. It means if certain business company fails to fulfill their marketing efforts, they may gain problem in selling their products indeed. If we discuss about marketing effort, one of good marketing ideas actually is by hiring printing companies to print any marketing tools or media to promote business products or services.

New businessmen actually may gain problem in how they may look for quality local printing companies available within their town or country. In order to help any businessmen in finding certain printing company who may suit both for necessities and also budget, there is actually a site where any businessmen can take advantage. It is What people can take advantage from such site is not only about some options of printing companies but also tips to for printing designs and also coupons for better price.

If you pay attention on the site, you may notice that such site can be considered to be number one online source in looking for local printing companies which any businessmen need. Don’t ever waste your time in looking for local printing companies while such site can help you find it faster and more efficient.

Monitoring CPU Temperature with SpeedFan

CPU temperature on a computer could have an effect on the durability and performance of your computer work. Have you ever had your computer suddenly stops, if yes then chances are your computer has a problem with the temperature.

Temperature is one of the causes of a computer stops and shutdown suddenly, and this often happens. To monitor the condition of your computer, you can use SpeedFan, SpeedFan is software that can access multiple sensors on a computer with SpeedFan so we can see the state of health of our computer and perform maintenance. You can even get Speedfan for free.

Cooling CPU Temperature with After Market Cooling System

CPU cooling system inherited from the computer cpu may not be enough to satisfy or even sad. I also found my computer cpu temperature reaches 70 ° Celsius with congenital cpu heat sink and fan, this certainly made my computer crashed and can not function normally.

If you experience problems cpu temperature continues to rise then you can try to resolve it by installing after market computer cpu cooling system. There are a lot of good after market cooling systems on the market, all just adjust to your taste.

Don’t forget to ask the seller of the after market computer cpu cooling system that you need the cooling system so that your cpu temperature can be reduced to around 40 ° Celsius

Finding Best Deals for a Dell Computer

Dell is a brand of computer that is always listed in the list to be an option in the needs of a reliable computer, economical and the brand has good after-sales support.

Dell has many excellent offerings of various products. You need a little trick and patience as well following steps. There are many online computer stores that sell dell computer and you should know that they also receive coupons dell.

Take advantage of search engines to find dell coupons are distributed across the Internet. That way you can get a lot of coupon codes. Doing a comparison before you use the coupons. Among the coupons that there are only providing free shipping and some even give discounts up to 50%.

Acer Computer and Notebook in Canada

If you are looking for any computer or notebook then I recommend you to choose the popular brand. such as Acer Acer has many benefits in my mind. Acer computer is featured with easy accessible menu to help users understanding better in short time their new Acer computer and notebook.

One most important out of that is the technical service branches that owned by Acer are accessible to ensure your Acer computer endurance and ready to use.

If you are in Canada and want to buy Acer computer or notebook then you can go to the source acer in canada, I see that the source has good option in Acer computer models

Sales Letters Software

Sales letters software is worth investing in when you are setting up a new business sales copywriting can boost exposure. The importance of compiling meticulously written letters that sell is known to every businessman. It takes years of practice, patience and efforts to become an effective sales writing as most of us do not possess the formal training to do so. Sales letters software comes to the rescue of businessmen who wish to promote their products but lack the natural writing talent. This software can create templates of letters and also be able to write extraordinarily powerful letters. (more…)

Rack mount LCD Monitor – It Must for Server Rack Space-Saving

Rackmount LCD Monitor

Rackmount LCD Monitor

One way that can be used to save space in the data center room is to use a rack mount LCD monitor. You can use it if your data center has small space. Actually, its function is not only that, rack mount LCD will make the room data center to be neat and orderly.

There are several forms available in the market. You can choose the most suitable in your server room. There also are made with special features, such as rack mount LCD made specifically for the SUN Solaris system where the monitor can be read under the daylight. Rack mount LCD such this have a high brightness more than 1400 cd/m2. By lcd-design like this, you will be able to get the visual that can be read in any lighting condition. (more…)